Organic Sukin Serum

Today I want to make a review about an organic cosmetic called Sukin Serum is a hydrating nutrient filled daily facial recovery serum has super Green extract of kale, spirulina and parsley assist in the maintenance of a radiant even skin tone.

An antioxidant rich blend of acai and goji berry extracts and grape seeds oil that promotes youthful looking skin and light hydration before moisturising.

Main Ingredients

Super greens blend (Kale,spirulina, chlorella) cocoa butter, grape seed, avocado and carrot seeds.

Curious about how the super greens work for your skin?

Kale: Vitamins A and K to fight free radicals and brighten the complexion

Spirulina: To promote collagen production

Parsley: vitamins C, K and beta carotene to maintain even skin tone.

Is an Australian product,  totally organic, certified, not tested in animals

I really recommend it beause I see every day the change in my skin looking more soft, youthful and hydrated.

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